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Monday, July 28, 2014

Skinwalker supports Confinement Loaf

Andrea and Ted
Confinement Loaf is a public radio show from Moscow, ID. They have aired Skinwalker quite a few times.

Check them out on Thursdays from 9 PM - 12 AM.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Black Metal Agenda Vol. 20 (2010)

Tribute Edition Part II.

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01. As Vampiric Shades And Belial Winds (Aut) - The Black Vomit (Sarcofago cover)
02. Nocturnal Amentia (Ukr) - Dod (Khold cover)
03. Skinwalker (USA) - Life Eternal (Mayhem cover)
04. Nokturnal Forest (Syr) - Evil Church (Enthroned cover)
05. Dhampyr (USA) - In A Bloody Night Of Fullmoon (Moonblood cover)
06. The Descent Of The Sun (Arg) - Illa Tidandi (Burzum cover)
07. The True Endless (Ita) - Raid The Convent (Nunslaughter cover)
08. S.O.D.D. (USA) - Satan My Master (Bathory cover)
09. Astarium (Rus) - Satan Wants You Dead (Impaled Nazarene cover)
10. Funeral In Heaven (Lka) - Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark) (Immortal cover)

Much thanks to Sortdjevelen (founder/compiler).

Black Metal Agenda Vol. 14 (2010)

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01. WinterCold (Swe) - Hail The True One
02. Skinwalker (USA) - The Earth's Shadow On The Moon
03. Kromo Leyo (Idn) - Kabut Kemurkaan
04. Tirano (Chl) - Hate Sanctified
05. Bane (Srb) - The True Insomnia
06. Cruorem (Ukr) - Creature
07. Camazotz (Swe) - Beyond The Gates
08. S.O.D.D. (USA) - Thorns On The Coffins
09. Maleventum (Col) - Consecration Of The Black Legions
10. Raven Nocturnum (Can) - Beneath The Dark Shadows Of Deadwood

Much respects to Sortdjevelen (founder/compiler)!